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Welcome to our Thirteen On-Line Jewellery Shop.


Welcome to our ((Thirteen)) On-Line Jewellery Shop

Profits from this collection go to help fund Dr Jon Krell’s risk and prevention research for breast and ovarian cancer, Laurence Ian is proud to support this amazing project.

“I am hugely grateful to Jon who continues to help me through my own cancer journey. I have put together a collection of lovely jewellery pieces, which I hope will offer protection, love, strength and joy to all who wear them. Please find out more information about the free of charge research programme in the link below. Thank you so much.”

Lillian and all the Geey family

What is the ProGREsS Trial?

The ProGREsS Trial stands for

Personalised Genetic Risk Estimates for Cancer Screening & Prevention

We have designed an ‘ovarian and breast cancer risk calculator’ – a scoring system that estimates a person’s chance of developing cancer based on a range of lifestyle and genetic factors, such as whether they carry a BRCA1/2 gene mutation. 

Alongside the calculator, we are developing a way to help doctor-patient conversations around cancer risk, and support patients as they make decisions to find out or reduce their risk of cancer if it’s high. 

We are now putting this personal risk calculator into practice by testing it out and working with the women it’s designed to help. Our goal is to find the best way to help generations of women understand their personal level of ovarian and breast cancer risk and what they can do about it.

Are you interested in signing up for the ProGREsS Trial?

We wish to recruit women between 30 and 60 years old who live in the London area. Participants will be asked to provide a saliva and blood sample and complete a questionnaire about their personal and medical history and certain lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and exercise that are relevant to the study.

The saliva and blood samples will be sent to Imperial College where scientists will remove genetic material, called DNA, from it. This DNA will then be sent to SOPHiA Genetics in Switzerland where scientists will test it for any changes in the code that make up the DNA which a participant might have been born with.

This information will be combined with the information that participants provide on their questionnaire.

These data will be entered into the computer programme to provide an estimate of a participant’s individual chances or risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer in their lifetime – referred to as their ‘risk score’. Participants will then have an appointment to discuss their risk score and measures that could be employed to reduce cancer risk. They will be seen 6 months later to determine if they have employed any risk reduction measures based on these discussions about risk.

Who is leading the ProGREsS Trial?

Jon Krell is a Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medical Oncology at Imperial College London specialising in ovarian cancer and leads a lab group within the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre. Jon has a particular interest in cancer genetics and in furthering our understanding of genetic risk factors for developing cancer. The aim of this research is to enable us to detect cancer earlier or prevent it from occurring all together and to help guide prevention strategies.

How to sign up for the ProGREsS Trial

Register for the trial by sending an email to with the subject line: ‘ProGREsS Trial’ together with your name and date of birth. You will then be offered an appointment.
Complete two questionnaires; the first one is anonymous and can be found here: The second questionnaire relates to ‘epidemiological risk factors’ such as family history, smoking, diet, exercise.
Provide saliva and blood sample at Hammersmith Hospital. After 8-12 weeks you will have an appointment to discuss results and recommendations to mitigate and limit future cancer risk.
After 6 months you will have an appointment to determine uptake of any risk modification measures or lifestyle changes.