Laurence Ian Jewellery


People who create extraordinary things must work with an extraordinary degree of care.

Perhaps you’d like me to give your grandmother’s engagement ring a new lease of life — or you may be dreaming of a unique necklace of precious stones. Whatever your wish may be, orders for creating or remodelling a piece of jewellery require many different work steps that will ultimately create a product with a high degree of intangible value.

Many people have inherited old gold or broken pieces of jewellery in the form of engagement rings, wedding rings or the odd lonesome earring, I understand that sometimes these pieces alone, are priceless compared to the sentimental value.

I offer a service where I melt these down and remodel into wedding rings or recycle them to a design of your choice. Not only is this cost-effective but it keeps the sentiment being passed on from generation to generation. 

As with the creation of an exquisite bespoke suit, I work together with you throughout this entire process, from the initial conversation with you through the preparation of non-binding sketches and price offers, all the way to the time-consuming creation of the special piece of jewellery you’ve been dreaming of. This will be a piece of jewellery whose smallest detail has benefited from all of my expert craftsmanship and my many years of experience — and in the end it will embody the highest levels of beauty, wearing comfort, and quality.


A new chapter in the history of your piece of jewellery.

The fascinating thing about the materials I work with is their combination of durability and versatility. These two characteristics made it especially interesting to transform two older pieces of jewellery into a unique pendant, ring or bracelet.

A unique ring – as distinctive as you

The creation of a unique piece of jewellery that is customized and unusual requires not only subtle creativity and masterful craftsmanship but also a very special sensitivity to the unique qualities of the future wearer. This sensitivity is extremely important during the first talk with the customer 

At my Radlett Studio and workshop, I can melt down your own jewellery and re-fashion it into another item. This will ensure that your jewellery is not left lying around in a drawer never worn but is being used and enjoyed!

This is also a lovely way of bringing older jewellery up to date and ensuring you have a lasting memento to wear forever.

Some of my clients bring in old family wedding rings to be melted down and included in their own new rings.
Remodelling jewellery can give old items a new lease of life and update family heirlooms.

I can unset stones out of old jewellery and reset them into new designs. Many of my clients bring several items with different stones in, and reset them into more modern rings, earrings or pendants for necklaces.
If you have any ideas of your own, I am happy to help you achieve them – I can help you with designing brand new items from your old jewellery and can help guide you on what is or isn’t feasible design-wise.

At the Workshop, I am  happy to work in platinum, 18ct or 9ct white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as silver jewellery. If you have any questions or are intrigued by my re-modelling service, don’t hesitate to contact me or book an appointment to meet with me – I am always happy to help.

I offer a bespoke design service to my customers. Utilising the most modern CAD CAM techniques, coupled with years of practical experience in making high quality fine jewellery I am proud to create magnificent jewellery of the highest standard.

I am able to utilise state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create visuals for you to see prior to confirming your order which include sketches, lifelike renders as well as wax or resin printed models Depending on the complexity of the design you are looking to commission I am able to create CAD illustrations, technical diagrams and CAD sketches of the ring prior to manufacture; all designed to give you a perfect understanding of how your dream engagement ring will eventually look.